Resources: Exploring a Physical Therapy Career

Before you can become a Travel Physical Therapist you first have to be a PT. Here are some links to get you started:

General Information for Physical Therapists

  1. Physical Therapy Channel – is an online community that offers audio and video samples about physical therapy. These are great for teachers, students and anyone in the rehabilitation industry too.
  2. PT Products Online – is a fantastic magazine that speaks about industry happenings and about new products.

Job Boards  for Physical Therapists

  1. – provides an outlet to help aspiring physical therapists jobs and also serves as a community.
  2. Explore Health Careers – find lots of jobs for all the types of health career careers.

Education and General Information  for Physical Therapists

  1. – helps you find a school that offers physical therapy programs.
  2. National Academy for Continuing Education has resources to learn how to continue your education, meant for businesses and aspiring students.

Blogs  for Physical Therapists

  1. New Professional PT Blog – has many posts about breaking into a physical therapy career.
  2. Real PT Blog – hosts a variety of posts on legislation and health care in general.

Are there more resources for future Physical Therapists we should add? Email us to get them added.

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