Travel Occupational Therapists pay – what’s the number?

For the third part of our look at the salaries of travel therapists we will be taking a look at the pay of traveling OTs compared to a permanent one. The answer is…

$59,000 a year for a Traveling OT vs $50,000 a year for a permanent full-time Occupational Therapist.

This information is based on averages gathered by Simply Hired. Another great use for this tool is to compare what you could bring home as a traveling occupational therapist in other locations than your town. For example let’s take a look at an OT in Detroit, MI who is making $58,000. He could potentially make $71,000 a year in Bostravel occupational therapist with daughterton, MA working short-term contracts. For simplicity’s sake we are using annual salary, hourly or even on 3 month increments may be a better measure.

Now let’s say he wanted to stay close to home to see his daughter more often but still make more money. Like we just said, the average Occupational Therapist pay in Detroit, MI is $58,000 a year, however just a short hour’s drive to Ann Arbor he could increase his salary to the average traveling occupational therapist salary in Ann Arbor, IL of $68,000, his pay from $29.00 to $34.00 an hour.

Plus throw in Per Diem allowances and free housing or housing stipends and it is obvious how working a short-term contract or travel assignment can have a big impact on your income and your family.

Author: Jeff

My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions. I am not a physical therapist (I have been a physical therapy patient plenty though) and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for four years and think it is a great travel physical therapy company that has a lot to offer physical therapists and PTAs interested in a travel career. I do post travel physical therapy jobs from Medical Solutions on this site, and write about travel physical therapy, but you will not be recruited on this blog (unless you specifically inquire about traveling with Medical Solutions then I will forward your info to a Career Consultant). I understand that you are reading and/or commenting on this blog purely for informational purposes and I want you to enjoy that experience My job is to help you meet your career goals by sharing information, advice and the benefits of a travel therapy career with you.

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