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3409035557_d0490b0315Again over at he’s listed the favorites of some highly respected clinicians in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine. This time around we have an Essential Reading List from George Davies, who Mike says,  “George is considered to be one of the founding pioneers of sports physical therapy and one of the most respected expert clinicians.” With a description like that, you know there’s going to be some good stuff on that list.The next contribution is an Essential Reading List from Eric Cressey. According to, “Eric offers another perspective on our essential reading list, but you can start to see the overlap between the disciplines of physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and fitness.”

There is a wealth of information and knowledge in those couple lists. I’m sure you may have read some of the books and I hope that maybe you also discover a few that you have not. Try and make it a goal of yours to read at least one book while you’re on your short-term rehab or therapy contract assignment. Please comment about any other reading materials you see fit to add to your own list.

Author: Patrick

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