Avoid the Noid!

You know who they are, you’ve been annoyed with them at every job you’ve ever had. The boss who doesn’t know up from down, the guy who always gives you a punch in the arm as his way of saying hello, Mr. B O, the gossip queen, the clock watcher, the manipulator and the one who always seems to bring something for lunch that stinks up the whole joint. Yes we’ve all seen some derivative of these and if you’re honest with yourself, you may admit that at one point in time you may have been one of those people. There are certain signs like constant whining or sucking up that will lead you to believe that this person will be irritating to no end. Sure we all experience the occasional bad day and it can bring down those around you as well, but when these behaviors are more common than not, you have a problem. So what can you do to prevent this having a negative affect on your next travel therapy or rehab job?

Entering a new position is already a feat in itself, but now you add all the different and new personalities, some you know you’ll get along with while others you know will be a task to get deal with. When starting a new job you want to be on your best behavior and you have a lot to prove, not only to yourself but your peers and you definitely don’t want to ruffle any feathers being the “outsider.” So what can you do?

I’d guess most people would do everything in their power to avoid those who irritate them. Sounds good in theroy but the reality is you’ll see this person day in and day out and eventually might be paired up with them in dealing with certain patients or situations. When the time comes to working alongside say a negative Nancy, give yourself a few minutes prior to the rendezvous and take a few deep breaths. When you are ready for “battle” come in being cheery, under control and use a pleasant tone of voice. Do the work that is expected of you and then step away as if nothing bothered you. If you let the negativity get to you it will only make matters worse.

In some cases you may be perceived as the annoying one and for no good reason. Maybe it’s the way you dress or carry yourself, but the reason is never clear. Here’s what you can do… Ask to meet this person one-on-one and have a heart to heart. No one else around, just the two of you. Give them the benefit of the doubt, swallow your pride and inquire about how you can at least have a working relationship if nothing else. If the problems continue, maybe seek out a superior or if you dont’ think it’s worth it. Move on. Your self-esteem is far more valuable than the job, there will always be more work. That too is a great big benefit of travel therapy and rehab jobs. Just move on to the next.

Hopefully you’ll never have to resort to any of these actions while on your traveling assignment, but if you do, you now have a plan on how to react and deal with these situations. To learn more about ways in which you can deal with the annoying co-worker, visit these sites I’ve listed below. There is a wealth of information you can use not only in the workplace but through life in general.

Dealing with Difficult Coworkers: From Sales and Marketing to Finance and Planning

Dealing with the Jerk at Work

Here are a few other sites that poke fun at the annoying types. I wouldn’t recommend using any of these techniques but they are worth a laugh!

My Bad Boss

Annoying Coworker

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  1. In addition to the websites you listed, there is a really great book called, “The Chronicles of a Hardworking Slacker.” It follows an employee via emails as she discusses her frustrations with a difficult coworker. It really helped me out when I was going through a similar situation. Here is the link:

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