Strangers are friends you have yet to meet – Part II


Last week I gave suggestions on the best ways to go about making friends around the workplace as well as outside of work. Today we will expand on that idea and give you a few more ways to help you break the ice with either your new co-workers and those you will encounter outside of work. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself, be comfortable with who you are and show confidence in the way you carry yourself. If you make yourself open and approachable to others, you will have a far better chance at making new friends.

Finding commonality is key in starting a relationship, whether friendly or romantic. Finding those few things you share an interest in can take you a long way. Perhaps your workplace has different groups or clubs you could belong to that appeals to you, such as a biking group or book club. You could volunteer for any of your organizations philanthropy initiatives or start your own group. Finding coworkers with similar interests guarantees that you have something to bond over that’s not just work.

Outside of work you may find it easier to find different groups and clubs to look into to. No matter what city your travel therapy job takes you to, you will certainly find others with common interests. Finding smaller pools of people also allows you to interact with people in a closer, more personal way.

If you’ve tried everything I’ve previously mentioned and nothing is happening… Try taking matters into your own hands. Spread the word around the workplace about meeting after work for some happy hour beverages, organize a pot-luck lunch or try and start your own recurring group activities like a poker night or something to that affect. Any reason to get you and your cohorts away from the job and doing something fun.

If the various social settings are doing nothing for you, there are still other alternatives. Depending on the size of the city your living in while on a short-term therapy contract you can search the internet for local sites, you can even check the tried and true, Craigslist.org. Another good way to meet folks are dating sites, sure it’s more for meeting significant others but can also be a great avenue to make connections.

Sure making friends isn’t as easy as it was when we were growing up, but all you need is just that one friend to get the ball rolling. Remember, most people are just like yourself and may be timid to approach others, but if you make an effort you’ll be surprised at just how friendly people really are.

Here’s a link to first part of the series on ‘Strangers are Friends You Have Yet to Meet.’


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