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When you start looking for a travel therapy job one great place to start are job boards and application portals that let you apply to multiple travel rehab and therapy companies at once.

Job boards are excellent if you are looking for a specific job in an area. That way you can choose to work with travel therapy companies that have jobs that meet your criteria, without wasting time getting to know a company and recruiter only to find out that they don’t have a job you want. 

Meanwhile the application portal is a great option if you are just getting your feet wet in a travel therapy career and looking for a company for the first time. They are also a  good way to shop around for a new travel therapy company without having to visit a bunch of websites or call a bunch of companies. Why? Because when you put your resume or information on one of these boards the companies will call you. Trust me. So make sure to use an email address or phone number that you don’t mind being contacted at. i.e. not your work account or phone.

But if you do want to be more selective, some travel therapy application portals let you select which companies you want to work with. And also keep in mind that not every company is on every job board so if you rely on these solely to fine your next travel therapy company you may miss out on some really good companies too.

Some good job boards and application portals in the travel therapy industry are:


And just for good measure, here are some therapy jobs boards and application portals that are more broad and not focused solely on travel positions:

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My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions. I am not a physical therapist (I have been a physical therapy patient plenty though) and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for four years and think it is a great travel physical therapy company that has a lot to offer physical therapists and PTAs interested in a travel career. I do post travel physical therapy jobs from Medical Solutions on this site, and write about travel physical therapy, but you will not be recruited on this blog (unless you specifically inquire about traveling with Medical Solutions then I will forward your info to a Career Consultant). I understand that you are reading and/or commenting on this blog purely for informational purposes and I want you to enjoy that experience My job is to help you meet your career goals by sharing information, advice and the benefits of a travel therapy career with you.

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