Bring Your Best Four Legged Friend With You On Your Next Assignment


Did you know that there are over 46 million households with at least one pooch at home? That’s around 72 million dogs in total and according to a recently released pet census from the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats still greatly outnumber dogs as pets, with 82 million felines, up from 71 million in 2001.  Our total pet population has reached a record high of just over 282 million pets. Nearly 60% of all home have one pet with 21% having five or more. So what do these stats tell you? America loves their pets and who wouldn’t? Did you see the face of the pooch in the picture for this post?

So you’re thinking of taking your professional skills on the road and accepting a traveling therapy job but you’re afraid you can’t take furry four legged friend with you. There’s no way you’d leave them behind and why would you? There’s no reason to leave your pets behind if you want to take a travel therapy job. If you are working with the right agency, you’ll find that there are many options open to you as a therapist and pet owner, and some staffing companies even offer pet insurance.

There are a few things you might want to consider while traveling with your pets before accepting that next short-term contract job. First off you want to make sure you have addressed the fact that you want your pet to come along with you on assignment. When looking at your options, consider the best cities for pets, especially dogs. Have you heard of DogFriendly.com? Check out the site and come back to it often; it provides highway guides, rest stop and park reviews, outdoor dining info and more—all with dog accompanied travelers in mind. Some things you might want to think about before choosing your next location is:

  • The city should be welcoming of dogs on public transportation
  • The city should not unreasonably regulate dogs if they are leashed
  • The city should have a wide variety of vets to choose from
  • The city should feature parks, open to the public and ideal for dogs to roam

Once you’ve figured out where you want to go, your recruiter will then look into finding you housing (unless you choose to take the per diem) that is accommodating to pets, whether they’re cats, dogs, fish or a snake (ooooo!). Finding your next travel therapy job shouldn’t be so ruff! It’s a fairly simple process and again, most staffing agencies are more than willing to work with you in finding you the ideal job location for you and your pets.


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