Send Your Season’s Greetings the New Fashioned Way!

You better watch out – you better not cry – better not pout – I’m telling you why… There’s a great alternative to writing out the 100’s of Christmas cards, licking envelopes and buying stamps. You’re already busy enough as a traveling therapist and rehab specialist, so hopefully this can save you some precious time while on assignment. No longer do you have to suffer through all the paper cuts and headache that is writing out your season’s greetings thanks to the many wonderful eCard services available to you on the world wide web. Here is a great list of sites to get you started…

1) eCardica has a wide variety of free ecards available, anything from Fruits and Vegetables to Ancient Cities to Famous Quotes. Most of the cards on the site are free; they also have announcement, birthday, special occasion, holiday, love, and many more varieties of ecards. If you’d like to become a member of eCardica, you gain access to a lot more fun tools and services, such as a reminders service, contacts, and calendar.

2) Yahoo Greetings – You can choose to sign up for the more expensive ecards, or you can just do what I do and scan for the little “free” text under most of these ecards. Funny ecards, free birthday ecards, Christmas ecards, and more.

3) Someecards – If you’re looking for an irreverent, hilarious, and sometimes off-color ecard to send to someone, then someecards is your best bet.

4) – A truly unique site that allows you to customize and send your own free ecards with your own images, music (mp3 files only), and messages.

5) WrongCards – These are not the run of the mill ecards that you’ll find here – WrongCards is full of silly, tongue in cheek messages that you can send to friends and family.

6) Hipster Cards – Lots of vintage, “hip” cards here with great designs and images; includes plenty of humor from high right down to the lowest of the low brow.

7) Smilebox – Smilebox is one of my favorite spots for free ecards on the Web. You can choose from hundreds of interesting designs, add your own photos, videos, music, and messages, and then email it, blog it, or print it.

8) Rattlebox – Rattlebox offers a lot more than the typical ecard you might see on most sites – it’s all video here. Simply select a video you like, personalize it, and send.

9) Pingg – Simple and stylish, with many designs available. You can use Pingg not only for free ecards, but also for online invitations, announcements, and party planning.

10) MushyGushy – Select a card or animated video at MushyGushy, and then you can upload a head shot of you or someone else to complete the ecard. It’s a fun way to personalize your message.

Here’s a couple of other sites that I’ve recently discovered that can really add to your greetings! It’s fast, free and shockingly easy, says the site. All you do is provide the pictures and the site does the rest. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Check out Animoto to learn more and send what is surely to be the most unique holiday greeting anyone has ever received!

The other site is MyFaceLOL – It offers you three different animated cards in which you can place your headshot and others to make a fun and unique Christmas greeting!

More choices. Less hassle.

When you start looking for a travel therapy job one great place to start are job boards and application portals that let you apply to multiple travel rehab and therapy companies at once.

Job boards are excellent if you are looking for a specific job in an area. That way you can choose to work with travel therapy companies that have jobs that meet your criteria, without wasting time getting to know a company and recruiter only to find out that they don’t have a job you want. 

Meanwhile the application portal is a great option if you are just getting your feet wet in a travel therapy career and looking for a company for the first time. They are also a  good way to shop around for a new travel therapy company without having to visit a bunch of websites or call a bunch of companies. Why? Because when you put your resume or information on one of these boards the companies will call you. Trust me. So make sure to use an email address or phone number that you don’t mind being contacted at. i.e. not your work account or phone.

But if you do want to be more selective, some travel therapy application portals let you select which companies you want to work with. And also keep in mind that not every company is on every job board so if you rely on these solely to fine your next travel therapy company you may miss out on some really good companies too.

Some good job boards and application portals in the travel therapy industry are:


And just for good measure, here are some therapy jobs boards and application portals that are more broad and not focused solely on travel positions:

Travel Physical Therapy Career Guide: Step 4 – Know who’s going with you.

If you are planning on traveling far from home for your short-term therapy contract job, then a lot of decisions you will need to make in your travel rehab career will depend on who is coming with you if anyone. This is why it is important to evaluate if you are going to be traveling alone or with someone.

If you are planning on traveling far from home for your short-term therapy contract job, then a lot of decisions you will need to make in your travel rehab career will depend on who is coming with you if anyone. This is why it is important to evaluate if you are going to be traveling alone or with someone.

Is your spouse or significant other is coming with you? A lot of this depends on either the stage of life your spouse is in and/or their occupation. If they stay at home, are retired, have a seasonal job, like a teacher, or a mobile job like a freelance graphic designer, it is going to be easy for them to travel with you and can make your travel therapy job a lot more fun to take someone with you. And if it is your first travel therapy assignment it may be nice to have the comfort of a loved one with you as you get used to the change.

What about your kids? Obviously this depends a lot on your situation and their age since childcare and school is always a concern, but if your spouse or another family member is coming with you it is going to be easier to arrange for your kids to come with you, since they will probably be able to watch them and maybe even home school them. And if it your assignment is during the summer months then imagine the learning and fun opportunities waiting for them in a new town for three months.

Don’t forget about pets. Taking them along with you is also a great way to prevent getting lonely during a travel therapy assignment.

You can also try to travel with another travel therapist if you can both find assignments in the same hospital or skilled nursing facility or at least in the same city. This is a great option for first time travelers if it works out, since you can both help each other out with the new challenges that a travel therapy job can present, like being away from home and having to learn fast on the job.

Or you can go alone, which is the norm and offers so many advantages too, like the chance to do what you want to do in your free time, the chance to be by yourself and reflect and of course to take a “workation” and just get away from it all.

Taking Travel Therapy to the Next Level.

Most of the time the point of my articles and posts on Rehab and Therapy are to help educate and provide insights into the world of travel therapy and rehab jobs. But today we are going to take a different approach and direct you to others in the field of therapy and their blogs. While catching up on some OT news via I ran across a story that immediately struck my fancy. It is titled, “From Creighton to Cairo” and what drew me to the story was that Creighton is here in Omaha where we’re based. I’m partial to the local connection. Anyways, it turns out the writer is going to school at Creighton finishing her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree and I thought I’d share with you her blog. You can read all about it here at Occupational Therapy in Egypt. She’s taken travel therapy to the next level for sure, though it’s not an actual assignment through an agency. She’s on clinical rotation down there and will be coming back in December to graduate. This is what she says as to why she chose Egypt of all places… Why Egypt? Many of you readers know better than I that Egypt needs OT(s)! As OT continues to advance in countries around the world, so also should the profession be developed in Egypt- which I chose for the reality that Egypt occupies only a handful of registered OT(s) and does not currently offer an accredited OT education. To be able to progress in areas of occupation, professional practice and leadership, Egypt must also keep pace by providing both the occasion for learning opportunities and OT employment. Permeating the boundaries to allow access for both practicing therapists and students can create a future of global resources to protect our profession while also addressing the need for therapy in this country.” Check it and out and it just may inspire you to reach out further than you thought you could.

Now in regards to to travel therapy and rehab jobs, it’s nice to find someone who is enjoying the benefits that come along with it all. Over at The Ramblings of a Traveling Speech Therapist it’s described as a blog that details the all the travels this therapist has done, and she does do a good job. It’s like you’re right there with her. She’s currently on contract in the Bay Area and has been documenting a lot of her escapades outside of work. You’re a therapist already, so you know what that’s like, but what you don’t know are all the different and exciting places to visit and the many, many people you will befriend along the way. I wish I could find more people out there who would do this… It’s always a fun read to see what their last adventures were like and you can live vicariously through them.

So these are two that I know you might find interesting. If you know more, please send them my way. I’m sure our readers would love to have as many perspectives on the industry they love. Until next time, have a Happy Halloween!

Your Travel Therapy Career Guide: Step-by-Step

Have you ever wondered how you even get started down taking a travel therapy job? Or how to choose a Recruiter? Or how Per Diem works? 

If so, then be sure to read an extensive series of posts we will soon be starting called “Your Travel Therapy Career Guide: Step-by-Step” that will take you through a detailed outline of the process of starting a travel rehab career. It will be a broad overview that applies to all the therapists that make up the Rehab and Therapy readers (PT, PTA, OT, COTA and SLP), but detailed enough to answer all your questions about the process.

The goal is to take some of the hesitation away from those of you have questions about how this career path works. So be sure to give your feedback as we go.

Want to move? Try it out first.

I don’t know about you, but I have a list of cities I’ve always wanted to live in. With so many friends of mine spread throughtout the country I have seen a lot of what these United States has to offer and so should you. If you’ve ever given thought to picking up and starting anew, a travel therapy or rehab job can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Deciding to take on a traveling career is enough of  a big decision, but thinking of it as a scouting trip can make it seem less stressful.  In a lot of cases, your contract can range anywhere from 13 weeks to a year, which gives you ample time to discover if the city is where you could see yourself planting roots.  If you’re like me, you have family, friends and the connection to community. So when it comes to deciding to leave that all behind, you want to make for certain that wherever you choose is the right place for you and whomever else you have in tow.

Lucky for you, working a travel therapy or rehab job affords you the “regular” hours and your freetime in which to discover all that your new assignment city has to offer. There will be plenty of time to make new connections and network. You can get leads on neighborhoods right for you and your family, schools for your children. If you’re single your choices are even greater and you can really pinpoint what it is you’re looking for since you’re doing it for yourself. There are so many variables to consider when moving so the best way to ensure you lock down an assignment in the cities you’d like to live in would be to work with a number of agencies. But don’t get too carried away, keep to your list and something is bound to come up. The need for therapists and rehab specialists is constantly growing, so your chances are very good that you’ll land where you want.

With all things considered, a traveling therapy and rehab job is the great way to audition the cities you’d like to live in one day. Who knows, you may not ever move and keep your home base, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to those other cities on another assignment or just come back for vacation.

I’ve written a similar post earlier in regards to finding the city right for you. Check it out here.

Here are a couple other articles in which you can gauge what city would be right for you and your interests.

Forbes magazines Top Cities for Singles

BusinessWeek magazines Best Places to Raise Your Kids