Travel physical therapy company reviews – thumbs up or thumbs down?

thumbs upWe have seen a lot of traffic coming to Rehab and Therapy Jobs.comlooking for information on who the best traveling physical therapy companies to work for are.

That’s why we built our own easy to use travel physical therapy company review tool (you can find under “Travel PT Career Guide”). It allows you to see what companies other travel PTs think are the best.

We used a simple interface; if you like a company give it a “thumbs up”, if you don’t give it a “thumbs down”.

We attempted to add all the best travel therapy companies in the industry, but we may have missed some, so if your company isn’t there click the green briefcase to get it added.

This tool will only be as good as the people participating in it. The more travel physical therapists nurses that that rate companies the better it will be, so if you are your company’s biggest fan or had a terrible experience give them a “thumbs up” or vice-versa.