Featured Traveling Physical Therapy Assistant Job in South Carolina

South Carolina – PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) Traveler needed for this 13 week travel assignment.
Great benefits and pay with one of the best travel therapy (rehab) agencies.
While on assignment visit Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Beaufort, and Georgetown.

  • beach in South CarolinaSouth Carolina – PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) Traveler needed for this 13 week travel assignment.
  • Great benefits and pay with one of the best travel therapy (rehab) agencies.
  • While on assignment visit Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Beaufort, and Georgetown.
  • Enjoy this history loaded state and the beaches at the same time.
  • Contact your Medical Solutions Career Consultant today, whether you are interested in a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) , Hospital, Outpatient Rehab or Home Health.
  • All Physical Therapists interested in expanding their career in South Carolina should call a Recruiter today at 866-633-3548.

Travel Therapy Salary – Is it really more?

Whether you are just starting out in your therapy career or have been working for twenty years a short-term travel contract can be a great option for you. One of the best parts of a travel therapy job is the chance it gives you to make more money than you would in a permanent position. The question though is how much is the difference. That’s why over the next 5 weeks we will be doing a 5 five part series on the pay for travel therapists versus a permanent therapy or rehab position.physical therapist realizing she is out of money

Here is the schedule of the posts:

Travel Physical Therapy (PT) Salary
Travel Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Salary
Travel Occupational Therapy (OT) Salary
Travel Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) Salary
Travel Speech Therapy (SLP) Salary

So check back to see your specialty’s post. To make it easy you can subscribe to the Rehab and Therapy Jobs.com RSS feed here.

Looking for love in all the right places.

Single and loving it or single and hating it? It’s safe to assume most of us who are single would fall into either category. I would say it all depends on your priorities and what you want to accomplish with your time on this planet. Some of you may be jaded with the idea of finding that one true love while others are relishing the opportunities to meet so many different people and simply enjoying their company.

There are so many ways one can look at the single scene. I won’t input any of my own personal experiences, (we’ll save that for my memoirs!) but I can tell you that living in the same city your whole life can really limit you to exposure of what else is certainly out there. Not that it’s a bad thing, but there are 6,809,383,757 people in the world as of today and 307,946,234 people in the United States alone. Surely one of them is meant to be, right? So what’s this got to do with being a traveling therapist? Well, for one, being a traveler means just that. You can leave your homebase for 3 months at a time and travel to all these different cities you may have never had the chance to see before, all thanks to your short-term contract work in travel therapy.

Working in rehab and therapy usually entails pretty normal working hours, like 9 to 5. This would allow you to take advantage of the nightlife and culture of whatever city you’ll be dwelling in for the next few months. So there’s no excuse that you’re working crazy hours and that the only people you meet are street sweepers and various other night owls. You’ll have as good a chance as the next person to get out there and meet all kinds of folks. In July, Forbes magazine released an article and Top 40 list of the best cities for singles in the United States. There are of course your usual suspects like New York City, Boston and Chicago, but there are also some “sleeper” cities in there that really surprised me, like Milwaukee! Milwaukee, really? I guess so. Find out for yourself and see if there’s any cities that made the list that you’d like to visit. Think of it as your “Little Black Book” for dating by city.

Here’s the link to the Best Cities for Singles 2009 article in Forbes. Maybe your city made the list and you’re just having bad luck? Or maybe there’s a city listed that you’ve always wanted to visit and now you’ll have all the more reason to go. If by chance you do meet your soulmate because you read this article or post, please share. I’d like to think I was a part of that! Now get out there and get to work, on your traveling assignment as well as your love life.

Featured Travel Physical Therapy Assistant Job in Florida

  • This 120 bed Skilled Nursing facility in Orlando is looking for a travel PTA to help out this summer.
  • Each therapist typically has 7 therapy treatments per day.
  • This facility has a low facility turnover.
  • Huge therapy gym with working kitchen and modalities.
  • ACP, Vital Stim and Allen Cognitive level programs.
  • This is near Walt Disney, MGM, Universal Studios and Wet n’ Wild.
  • Please call Medical Solutions today at 866-633-3548!

To learn more about this travel physical therapy assistant job click here.

Tips for the Pediatric Physical Therapist

As you all know, this blog is fairly new and we’re discovering new and important, relevant sites for you therapists and rehab specialists out there… And today is no different. This afternoon I stumbled across a site called, YourTherapySource.com which is dedicated to Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapists. One of their latest posts titled, “5 Ice Breakers for Pediatric Therapy” has some great methods to use on your next traveling therapy assignment. Getting to know your peers and other colleagues is a much different task than that of getting to know the children you’ll be rehabilitating. It’s obvious you have a passion for care and therapy for children and I’m sure you already know the difficulties that come with dealing with kids… So maybe those helpful hints can make your transistion into your new assignment as a traveling pediatric physical therapist a little easier.