Travel Physical Therapy Career Guide: Step 9 – Making sure your paperwork is in order

the three ducks isolatedThe next step in your traveling physical therapy career, even before you start applying online is to have all your ducks in a row and make sure your paper work is in order. Having this all organized and easily accessible is going to make the application process at travel physical therapy companies much easier.

The most common paperwork you will need includes copies of (although some companies may ask for more):

  • A current resume
  • Your PT License (if you don’t have one for the state you want to work in your company should help you get it and pay for it)
  • Any other special certifications needed for your clinical area (front and back)
  • Your BLS
  • Your Driver’s License
  • Your Social Security card (front and back) or passport
  • Two references from your supervisors at your most recent jobs
  • And all your immunization records, include the following:
    Health Statement (completed annually by a MD, PA, or NP)
    TB Skin Test Results OR Chest X-Ray (TB <1 year; Chest X-ray < 1 year)
    Hepatitis B (Vaccine Series (3), Titre, Booster (after titre) or Declination Form)
    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (2 Childhood Vaccines, or Titres)
    Varicella (Titre or 2 Vaccines)
    (if you don’t have your immunizations or can’t find the documentation most companies will set it up for you)
  • A voided check to accompany your Direct Deposit information

It will be best if you have both paper copies and digital scans of all of these. If you don’t own a scanner you can go to the library or a FedEX/Kinkos, CopyMax or something similar to get them scanned.

After this initial organizing of your paperwork, take time once a year to update and keep it current with your experience.