Packing for your travel therapy job

packing for a travel therapist job

Creating a packing checklist for three months can seem like a pretty daunting task, but now packing for your short-term travel therapy job just got a lot easier thanks to Packing List

It is a simple tool that gathers some basic information like location, weather and length of your trip and some more advanced information like how you are getting there and what you will be doing while you there. It even asks how old you are, are you bringing pets or anyone else.

Once it has gathered all your information, it spits out an extensive packing list that you can email yourself, print copy and add to an existing list. It is really that the simple. I tested it and it seems to be pretty accurate and exhaustive, it even lists items like food, toiletries, hobby based items, clothes and even stuff to take on the drive. Give it a try.