Guest Author: Jessica Bosari for Allied Health World – Young PTs Choose Travel

Mature Man Working With a Physical TherapistMedical students have many career paths open to them. Many young people are not prepared for the lengthy and arduous training required to be physicians, but medical careers like physical therapy make a lot of sense. Students can earn their degrees and begin work once they receive their masters’ degrees.

More Freedom, More Pay, More of the World

Traveling physical therapists enjoy higher pay, plus the ability to travel and see the country. Some travel with friends, staying on assignment for 13 weeks, and then picking up another assignment in another location. Many couples meet while in Physical therapy training, get married, and then take traveling assignments until they feel ready to have children. This lets them see the country, broaden their horizons, an meet new people, all while earning an excellent income that pays off their medical schooling costs sooner.

A Smart Foundation for the Future

By traveling in their younger years, physical therapists set themselves up for a stable, steady future. The extra money helps them pay off debt and save for a home. When they find a place to settle down, they can still work travel physical therapy assignments, limited to a smaller geographical area. Some may even seek per diem work, giving them more control over how far they need to travel for work.

PTA or PT, Both are Excellent Opportunities

The top pay for physical therapists just out of school who decide not to travel is around $45 per hour. However, those who are willing to travel to places like Hawaii, Florida, Arizona and other states can make $60 to $80 per hour. Those who decide to pursue physical therapy careers without a Master’s degree can work as physical therapy assistance and make as much as $35 per hour plus food and housing expenses. Although traveling is not for everyone, those willing to do so will enjoy many benefits.