Back to school! Internship time

therapy internship

It is that time of year again, college is starting back up, which means many of you will be starting in on your clinical internships. Your internship lets you experience clinical opportunities gain experience in your area, such as acute care, neurologic rehabilitation, sports medicine, geriatrics, etc.

Having that kind of experience can be a huge difference maker when employers are looking at the resumes of pt, pta, ot, cota and slp candidates. With all else being equal, employers, both for perm positions or travel therapy jobs, are going to look at what kind of experience you have, what you did at your internship and what you did to go beyond the basic requirements.

I ran across this blog post about the clinical education of PTs this morning and how it is flawed by Johnnie May at the Physical Therapist Rover blog and wondered what you thought about it. The post is a little old, but what about you current therapists, do you feel like you got the best learning experience from your clinical internships? What would you change?