Travel Physical Therapy Career Guide: Step 8 – Evaluating Travel Therapy Companies

The next thing you need to do is to take the information you put together in the first seven steps and use it to evaluate travel physical therapy companies you may want to work with. This is important because the first seven steps are used to help you know the things that are going to be important to you in a travel physical therapy job.

So keeping these things in mind your first stop is to spend some time on their website. The sign of a good company that are seen in a company’s website are first foremost easy to find answers to your questions and contact information.  You also will want to make sure they have plenty of jobs for you, if you list them on their site, but not every company does. As you click around on their site remember to look for answers about the things we have already covered:

The next thing you will want to do is some background on what other travel  physical therapist think of the company and what it’s like to work with them. Some good places to do this are (in order):

  1. Actual live referrals who you know personally that have worked with the company
  2. Travel therapy company rating sites like
  3. Former employees of the company provided by the recruiter for you to contact

Next you will want to do some background on the company. You should also be doing this when you are the company’s website, reading their about pages and finding out how long they have been around and look for signs that the company is growing (growth awards, press releases, etc.). You also want to make sure the company is good financial standing as is going to be able to pay you. This kind of information is easy to find for publicly traded companies, but is something you will need to ask your recruiter about with privately held companies.

The final thing you can do to research travel therapy companies is to ask your recruiter questions that help you rate the company. Here is a list of questions we recommend:

  • How long has the travel physical therapy company been in existence?
  • How large (or small) is the company?
  • What does the company have to offer that sets it apart from others?
  • Are there physical therapists who can give references?
  • Is there always someone available to answer my call (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)?
  • Can I see a sample contract?
  • Is my travel physical therapy job guaranteed by a written contract?
  • How much do I get paid during my travel physical therapy assignment?
  • Explain the mileage reimbursement policy for travel physical therapy assignments?
  • Is help (financial and administrative) provided with licensing and my other credentialing needs?
  • Who will I talk to if my recruiter isn’t available?
  • Do I only have one recruiter my entire career with your company?
  • If I want to go perm are there any clauses in my contract to prevent me from being hired as a perm employee? If so, what are the details?
  • What are any areas your company could improve on?

Here are some other questions you may want to ask your recruiter as you are evaluating travel physical therapy companies.

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  • How stressful is your physical therapy job? See how you compare with other therapists. #

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Featured Traveling Physical Therapy Job in North Carolina

  • 2 Travel PT’s (Physical Therapists) are needed for a 13 week assignment to start on or around June 28th in a Hospital located in Coastal North Carolina.
  • PT’s may work in the Inpatient, Outpatient, Acute, SNF, or even a school setting with PEDS but they are flexible.
  • This is one of the most popular states to travel in with lots of things to do and beautiful scenery.
  • These positions won’t be open long.
  • Great Benefits and Pay!
  • Please call Medical Solutions at (866) 633-3548 to speak with a Career Consultant regarding this travel assignment!

To learn more about this travel Physical Therapy job click here.

Click here to see more Travel Physical Therapy Jobs. is a great tool for traveling PTs

foursquare is a great site for traveling ptsDo you want a fun, and slightly addictive, way to tell your friends and family what you are up to during your travel physical therapy assignment? If you have a smart phone, then give foursquare a try. If you don’t have a smart phone (iPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry or Palm) then you can text your location or use a laptop too, but I don’t think you will get the same experience out of it.

foursquare is a combination of a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game where you are rewarded for being interesting and doing interesting things. Their goal is help you keep up with the places your friends go and encourage you to explore new places.

The premise is simple:

Go somewhere cool? Check in.
Go somewhere new? Check in.
Go somewhere often? Check in.
Go somewhere popular? Check in.
Go somewhere late at night? Check in.

When you do those or similar things you earn badges and then you can brag. Go somewhere enough and you can be the “Mayor” and who doesn’t want to be Mayor. In bigger cities where foursquare is catching on a lot of business are starting to offer discounts to foursquare users and even special customer status to “Mayors”.

And if you are kind of a nerd then you will enjoy the detailed stats that measure things like:

  • Days checked in
  • Number of checkins
  • Avg checkins when out
  • % of checkins at new places
  • New places discovered
  • Distribution by day of week
  • Distribution by day
  • Top friends 
  • Number of different friends you’ve checked in with
  • Most frequented venues 
  • Number of different venues visited
  • Most frequented cities  mayorships 

You can not only check in and let your friends know where you are or have been, but you can also give them tips about the locations you have been to. You can of course check on their locations too if they are sharing them.

If you come across a location that is not already in the foursquare database, don’t worry you can add it.

You can even follow brands (like the ones below) and find new cool things to do or places to eat.

Lucky M.
Lucky M.
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal
Bon Appetit Magazine
Bon Appetit Magazine

Set up is super easy too.

First you build an account by giving some basic information name, email, gender, age, etc, phone number. After your account is set up it asks you if you want to look through your Facebook profile or Twitter account for friends or followers that may already be using foursquare. Then it gives you the chance to invite any friends and followers you have who aren’t to join you, you can also send people an email that asks them to join you. Then when you’re done it gives you the chance to connect with your Facebook page or Twitter account if you have so they are all synced up.

And if you are a private person, there are privacy options you can turn on to limit what see people see of your check-ins. And deleting your account is easy too.

What is cool about foursquare for travel physical therapists is that you can get badges all over the country. It could be a really fun way to look back over a year or two of traveling and see where you’ve gone, who you met etc. Take a look and let us know what you think.